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Friday the 13th

At a young age, I became superstitious. All it took was me walking under a ladder and then later in the day, I got spanked. I cannot remember what I did to receive that spanking, but I have always remembered the correlation of walking under the ladder and getting spanked. Bad luck. I mean really, what is ...

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Barbie’s New Dream Home

A few years ago, all Aiyana wanted was a dollhouse. Santa loaded this one onto his sleigh and delivered it to our home. And now, this is what they use to house their Barbies in.

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Pickled Lily – Maternity and Baby Clothes {Review and Giveaway}

Pickled Lily, an online boutique, was started by two friends who share their passion for fashion with the ultimate goal of creating their own Pickled Lily maternity and baby line. The owners, Sara and Emily connect with their costumers through their

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Why Not A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?

Aiyana got her big blue eyes and beautiful long eyelashes from her daddy, but that is not the only thing she inherited from him. They both share one very important and huge love. Peanut butter. My daughter loves peanut butter on everything. Spread it on a tortilla and roll it up, she is a happy girl. Spread ...

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Mom’s Healthy Lifestyle – Just Add Kids!

If you asked me 6 years ago what I do to live a healthy lifestyle, I would have quickly replied, "I work out, before or after work - I work out at the gym." Five years ago, I was blessed with my first child and my gym visits grew further and further apart. Life with a ...

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Giveaway Linky – May 6th

It is that time again – time to link up your giveaways! If you have a giveaway you want to share, please add it to the list. You can list as many as you like, but please link them directly to the giveaway page, rather than your homepage. Do ...

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Eggs, Sugar and Nail Polish – Weekend Camping

I am still here, although, I notice some of my readers are not. My blogging may have slowed down, but our life has been a roller coaster. I am holding on, tight and soon things will be normal again - if there is such a thing? Until then, here are a few photos of our camping trip ...

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